Best Pizza & Brew Website Design

With the Best Pizza & Brew website, I was able to establish a professional and affordable site that would appeal to their young crowd. This chain, located in San Diego, California, offers pizza by the slice, craft beers on tap and weekly pint nights with rotating breweries.


The homepage was design to appeal to a younger crowd while keeping a clean look.  Upon opening the page a pop up will appear to either join the mailing list or continue to the site.  The menu bar is always at the top of the page for easy navigation.

Specials Slider

The main landing page is a continuous scroll with navigation anchors to bring you to specific locations of the page.  Best Pizza & Brew features many specials which can be seen on the slider through automatic transitions or clicking through each one.


The locations page is one of the few sections of the website that is not on the main continuous scroll page.  This page is designed stay the same and only change location when each button is pressed.  There is a click through link on the phone number for mobile use and a google map.