Pizza Nova Website Design & Graphics

This complete website redesign for San Diego Pizza Nova chain was long overdue. Pizza Nova is known for more than just their wood fired pizza, this family-owned company has won the hearts of their patrons since 1990.  Additionally, graphics such as menus and flyers for events were commissioned. 


The Pizza Nova homepage was designed to look fresh, simplistic and modern.  Throughout the website the focus is on the many different dishes offered.  Through the catering and fundraising tabs customers are able to request information or begin booking their event.


From the locations tab on the menu, a drop down bar gives the viewer the option of viewing all locations or selecting a specific one.  The all locations options, as shown above, gives basic information of each and clicking on the arrow will open the individual location page and map.

Wine Tasting

Pizza Nova Point Loma featured a Tobin James wine tasting and food pairing for a limited amount of guests.  This flyer was made into table tents, social media posts and a 18"x24" poster.